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Sat. 3/16 9:00 AM CCW Class in Doniphan
Sat. 3/30 9:00 AM CCW Class in Papillion
Sat. 4/6 9:00 AM CCW Class in McCook
Sun. 4/7 9:00 AM CCW Class in McCook
Sat. 4/20 9:00 AM McCook Class
Sun. 4/21 9:00 AM Hildreth Class 9 am
Sat. 5/25 9:00 AM NE CCW Class McCook 9am
Sat. 11/2 8:30 AM CCW Class

Hildreth, NE

Sat. 3/29 9:00 AM Nebraska CCW Course

Nebraska CCW Course.  Check the rates and services page for the prices.  

0 of 25 spots filled

Sat. 6/14 9:00 PM CCW Class Lincoln Military member class discounted rate $75
Sat. 6/28 9:00 PM CCW Hildreth 2291 28 Road 25 open spots
Sat. 9/13 9:00 PM Harre benefit class
Sat. 10/25 9:00 AM Nebraska CCW Class

Harre Benefit Class in Arlington, NE.

Sat. 1/9 8:00 AM CCW Class
Sat. 3/19 9:00 AM CCW Class

Kimball, NE

25 of 25 spots open

Sat. 4/2 9:00 AM CCW Class

Hildreth, NE

Sat. 4/30 9:00 AM CCW Blair CCW Class Blair Ne
Tue. 5/10 9:00 AM CCW Class

Classroom portion will be held in Arlington Nebraska starting at 9 AM. As soon as the classroom portion is done we will drive to Blair to complete the range. This class is limited to 7 people.

Sat. 7/23 9:00 AM CCW St Paul


Deputy Mike Hutchinson benefit class

Sat. 8/6 10:00 AM CCW Hildreth
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