"Simple CCW solutions for your 
Safety and piece of mind "


Quotes My husband and I just took the CCW class. I don't have a ton of experience and felt completely comfortable during the whole class. Both instructors were open to questions and made me feel like I could speak up if I had a question. After we qualified for our CCW, both instructors took the time to go over drills with our group to help us in the future. Things that most people would not think about, they took the time to make sure we were well educated even more than just what the class requirements were. I would recommend this class to anyone no matter what your skill level is. Great job guys! Quotes
Amy Eller
Great class!

Quotes Had a great time in class. Instructor made it easy to follow and understand and kept it lighthearted as well. Deputy Tarr didn't talk down to the class. He answered all the questions with certainty and respect. I would totally recommend to anyone to find Deputy Tarr's class and take it. Well worth the money. Quotes
Tony Lave
Really good class

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